XTIA, a company powered by people.

Our greatest strength is our team’s unique technical skills, flexible thinking and drive.
Together, we will continue to search for world-changing solutions, always open to infinite possibilities.


01Valuing individual development


02People at a glance


To ensure XTIA’s sustained development, growing individuals and leveraging the team’s strengths are key. Our greatest asset is the unique experience and technological know-how of our people. Our greatest mission is thus to build a team with flexible ideas and drive and turn our people’s strengths into an ever growing business. Together, we will continue to search for world-changing solutions, always open to infinite possibilities.

XTIA Tech Day XTIA Tech Day

A monthly XTIA Tech Day to share knowledge and create a warm office for everyone

Every months, we present our results and actively share knowledge, followed by a get-together. We are also making efforts to enhance our team power on a daily basis. We are always striving to create a warm and welcoming place where people can gather to discuss and chat. We share and collaborate to find ways to shatter the barriers in the way of our growth. Every day, we are coming up with innovative ideas and concepts to achieve this goal.

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Diversity and synergy are XTIA’s driving force and the source of our innovative ideas.

XTIA employees by age

A well-balanced mix of all ages.

XTIA employees by occupation

An engineering-focused company.

XTIA engineers by department

Strengths in all fields with an emphasis on SW.

International vs Japanese XTIA employees

A diverse team with members from Europe, America and Asia.


XTIA kayahara

Yasufumi Kayahara
Product Leader
Product Lead GM

XTIA nagai

Kei Nagai
Project Manager
Business Development Leader

XTIA Morimoto

Kosuke Morimoto
Product Leader

XTIA Sergent

Sylvain Sergent
Project Manager
Business Manager

XTIA owari

Tomohisa Owari
Project Manager

XTIA nakajima

Misuzu Nakajima
Project Manager

XTIA Yokoyama

Yohei Yokoyama
Hardware Development

XTIA Mitsuishi

Kaori Mitsuishi

XTIA Nakamura

Ayako Nakamura
HR & General Affairs

XTIA Tanno

Hidetaka Tanno
Project Manager