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A global manufacturing revolution powered by the Optocomb

The possibilities of the Optocomb technology are endless.
As a pioneer and the world’s top leader in the field,
XTIA keeps developing new industrial applications based on this unique concept.

First and foremost,
we revolutionize key processes in the manufacturing industry
by providing innovative services and solutions in the fields of quality, inspection and metrology.

In addition, we continuously expand our business
by actively promoting practical applications of the Optocomb technology
in new industries such as medicine, biology, telecommunications and beyond.

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The philosophy that we cherish at XTIA

Takao Yagi, President of XTIA

President & Representative Director
Takao Yagi
Master from University of Cambridge

Business side 

Sony alumnus


Delivering unique products and services

In order to create value with the power of technology, we integrate our disruptive hardware with unique software solutions. We will keep inventing, pursuing new value, and breaking through new technological and business frontiers.

Human beings have lived through many uncertain times in our long history. When we think about how to continue to grow in an age where speed is dramatically accelerating and the uncertainty of the future is increasing, we believe that delivering value to the world through unique technologies is not only the greatest strength, but also the existential mission of this company.

In order for this company to continue to grow, the most important thing is to grow our talents. In order to achieve this, we have introduced a personnel system called the “growth principle,” which places the highest value on individual development, not on performance or seniority. We want to be a company that continues to give everyone the chance and the courage to tackle the next challenge without being bound by a single achievement. We also believe that it is necessary to build a team that can leverage the growth of individuals. We are thus committed to promote dialog and synergies within the company and to grow the organization together with our people.

XTIA is a company powered by people, a company driven by individuals who grow together with the organization. We all believe in the power of technology, and we want to contribute to mankind through technology.


Korougi Motonobu, XTIA honorary fellow, Optocomb pioneer

Director & Honorary Fellow    
Motonobu Kourogi

Academic side 

PhD from Tokyo Institute of Technology


At the origin of Optocomb, the study of time

Scientific research on time is meant to predict the future. At XTIA, we are committed to creating value, pursuing ambitious research and developing new ideas that break through existing frontiers, looking 10 to 100 years into the future. Our goal is to contribute to society without forgetting the essence of our work, and we hope to become a manufacturer that can change the future.

The origin of the Optocomb is the study of time. The study of time began with astronomy. About 2,000 years ago, ancient people discovered the earth’s rotation, orbital, and lunar cycles, as well as the precession of the earth, and created a calendar. In ancient times, calendars were used in agriculture to determine when to sow and when to harvest crops. From the Middle Ages onward, calendars came to dominate industry and influence national strategies. The invention of the mechanical clock enabled sailors to know the correct coordinates of their ships on the ocean, thus beginning the Age of Exploration. Thus, the development of accurate clocks became an important part of national strategies. Today, the study of time is even more advanced, and Optocomb is undoubtedly at the forefront of time research.

Why did we start our own business? Because no one else would. We didn’t have a product yet, and along the way we got on the verge of collapse many times. However, we managed to hold on and here we are today. I am proud that we were able not only to start our own business with Optical Comb, Inc., but also to expand it to what it is today as XTIA, Ltd.

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Top-management from both the R&D and business operations join forces to develop new >Optocomb applications and expand the business in unexplored areas.


President and Representative Director
Takao Yagi
Master from University of Cambridge
Sony alumnus

XTIA Fukuzawa

Executive chairman
Hiroshi Fukuzawa
University of Waseda
Nomura Securities alumnus

Director & Honorary Fellow
Motonobu Kourogi
PhD from Tokyo Institute of Technology


Kazuhiro Imai
PhD from Tokyo Institute of Technology

XTIA Muraki

Executive Officer
Yosuke Muraki
Master from the University of Tokyo
University of California – Berkeley
Sony alumnus (2012 MVP)

XTIA Toyofuku

Executive officer
Yasutomo Toyofuku
General Manager of Project Management Office
Keio University

XTIA mark

Executive officer
Mark Jablonski
Ph.D from the University of Tokyo
Master from MIT

XTIA Sakakibara

Michinobu Sakakibara
General Manager of Corporate Planning Dept.